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hello and welkcom


Can be any size Can choose general colour area

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Digital Art Commissions

Digital art is the new avant-garde. Reflecting contemporary life it is the way to make a 21st century statement.  Oil paint is so passé! Please check out the different styles that we currently offer and get in touch to order.  

5 Pixel Art

Pixel art is a throwback to the early days of home computers. (Computers were called ‘home’ computers to distinguish them from the big mainframe computers that big companies used). Images are simplified and fun. We work with figurative and abstract pixel art.                         Large scale pixel art looks great on the wall Get a pixel…

Pixel Art – abstract

8 Triangulation

Super contemporary images We can work from an image of your choice

9 ASCII art

Old school images Made from text

fine art from sound

8 Soundwave art

An image of your car accelerating, your child speaking or some other sound that you have the rights to use

2 Digital Sketch

Images can be sketched from your photographs. Digital sketches can be printed at any size

Want to publish a novel?

Fixed layout ebook details

7 Nonsense

We’ve all heard pretentious art-speak or the nonsensical business-speak. Driven mad by it? Now you can decorate the office with works that embrace it. It’s an underlying examination of the real that demonstrates a post-genderal ethos of the pre-developmental actuality. Or something like that. Use your own phrase or we can supply business world and…

1 Glitch Art

Contemporary twists on the past. Glitch art finds beauty in mistakes and is therefore a very contemporary artform Can be made from any image of yours to get a reworking of a favourite image – (the above is inspired by a Cezanne figurative painting whilst below is based on Degas!)

3 Exuberant

Exuberant large scale art makes a great statement

4 Portraits

See more possible styles here Contemporary abstracted portraits. (Not only of people!)

Share price art

6 Share price art

Give us the figures, get an impressive image for your wall Glitch it up if you want!